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Trying to unlock the secrets of magic squares has been the ruling passion of my life over the past 50 years. It has been a very fullfilling experience, and given the choice, I would happily do it all over again. In particular, nothing has exceeded the sheer excitement and intellectual pleasure I took in the exploration of a fascinating new world revealed through  the emergence of two-dimensional or geomagic squares. That I was lucky enough to be the first to go prospecting in that land was a privilege I probably didn't deserve, but certainly appreciated and enjoyed in full measure.


The postage stamp below was issued by Macau Post on October 9th 2014. I am of course much flattered by this compliment to my work, but also very happy to be reminded that the appeal of magic squares is felt by lots of people all over the world.


Here at left are half-a-dozen magic square topics that have occupied me. There is more material, when I get around to it.


Macau postage stamp

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