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Taking the wider view that became opened up with the emergence of so-called geomagic squares,  magic squares in which numbers add up to a constant total are better understood as  one dimensional magic squares. Two-dimensional magic squares are then squares sporting planar shapes in their cells, rather than numbers. The shapes occupying rows, columns or diagonals can be assembled, as in a jigsaw puzzle, so as to form an identical shape in each case, instead of a constant total. My website devoted entirely to this topic can be reached here.A Wikipedia article on Geometric magic squares is also available. However, for a more detailed treatment of the subject see my book Geometric Magic Squares published by Dover Publications Inc. in April 2013, ISBN-13: 978-0-486-48909-4. Harvey Heinz was so taken with one of the so-called alpha-geomagic squares that he created this beautiful cross-stitch version:

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