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Can you solve the following self-enumerating crossword puzzle? Instead a list of clues, here you are told that each of the six horizontal and six vertical entries has the form: 


U M P . . T E E N   # S


 Here umpteen is a variable standing for a normal English number-word (of whatever length) correctly counting the total appearances of  #, one of the twelve different letters that will turn out to occur in the completed puzzle. A blank cell separates umpteen from #, the latter followed by a plural s, where requisite. All entries read from left to right or from top to bottom. The top left entry might thus be


N I N E   Q S  (but isn't).


The self-enumeration will be found to be complete and impeccable, the finished pattern being an example of a self-intersecting reflexicon.


The solution can be seen here.

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